First Topic: Sustainable development (Reality and Challenges)

* Sustainable development and higher education.
* Environmental policy in developing countries.
* Challenges and difficulties in achieving sustainable development (COVID-19 pandemic as a model).
* Clean energy investments.
* Restoration of the ecosystem

Second Topic: Sustainable economic development

* Work environment for a sustainable economy.
* Corporates responsibilities regarding sustainable development.
* Legal, economic and administrative aspects of solid waste management.
* Economic and social aspects of sustainable development.
* Entrepreneurship and administration with respect to sustainable development.

Third Topic: Health development and health indicators within the sustainability goals

* Challenges and future trends within sustainable health systems.
* Achieving sustainable development of health care, principally maternal and childcare.
* Accelerating the progression toward sustainable development goals related to diseases diagnosis and the provision of treatment and vaccines.
* Appling the health objectives within the goals of sustainable of development.

Fourth Topic: Governance and good governance for sustainable development

* Resource management.
* Management of ecosystem and water resources.
* Energy, Environment, energy policy, planning and management.
* Smart cities and ways to achieve sustainable development.
* Strategic education and training (digital transformation, quality education, infrastructure development).
* Supporting small and medium projects and innovations of people with professional capabilities.
* Governance of the oil sector to achieve sustainable development goals.

Fifth Topic: Natural resources and renewable energies (Technologies and Engineering Sciences)

* Renewable energies investments and methods of utilization and diversification.
* Global pioneering models in the field of renewable green energies techniques.
* Techniques and standards of renewable energy (Solar energy, Wind energy, Coal clean energy).
* Green energy systems and investments of clean energy.

Sixth Topic: Sustainable Environmental

* Global worming and ecosystem management.
* Green energy systems.
* Environmental Sustainability.
* Environment engineering and environment enhancement.
* Treatment of industrial waste.
* Green energy options for global warming.
* Recycling Techniques.
* Treatment of Biological and hazardous waste.
* Environmental and agricultural science and technology.
* Environmental dynamics.
* Air pollution control gadgets and equipment.
* Climate change.